The Dark Edge of the Bluff—now available for purchase

Runner-up to the 2016 Hopper Chapbook Prize, The Dark Edge of the Bluff engages with the mutable nature of memory and its instantiations: memory as artifact, memory as place, memory as story, memory as compulsion. This poetry collection grapples with the simultaneity of memory as an act of self-preservation, self-creation, and relentless re-creation.

Green Writers Press, ISBN: 0998260452   |   PURCHASE HERE

Praise for The Dark Edge of the Bluff

Ellene Glenn Moore’s The Dark Edge of the Bluff collects wonderfully whirling, watery poems that dive into dark oceans always surfacing to dazzling light. Moore’s imaginative force travels the world (particularly the natural world), illuminating love, familial ties, and distance. Her meditations on human connection, her lyricism and grace, her precision and astonishment make The Dark Edge of the Bluff a welcome debut.”     — Denise Duhamel, author of Scald

“Think of Emily Dickinson with a passport and you’ll get a hint of what Ellene Glenn Moore’s poems are like as they take you from a New Orleans bike shop to a temple in southern Italy, from Florida’s shores to backwoods Georgia, from childhood to the present day. It’s no surprise that one of them is called ‘Meditation on Distance,’ but this lovely, luminous collection is a meditation on intimacy as well, on the world as a portal through which we pass on the way to our truest hearts.”     — David Kirby, author of Talking about Movies with Jesus